Bill Horsman


I'm a computer programmer nearly 30 years experience in software development. I've been building web applications since 1997 - first in Java and then, since the start of 2007, in Ruby on Rails.

I like to build beautiful interfaces that do useful jobs so that people can get things done quickly, easily and with fewer mistakes.

I have used Ruby on Rails every day of my working life for the past 12 years. Over time, Javascript and frameworks like Vue have become increasingly important.

  • 28 years worth of mistakes; doing things the hard way; learning from what went wrong. Trying to learn even more from what went right.
  • Finishing projects and standing by them in production. Coding isn't all about the thrill of the new - it's also about detail and making it work.
  • Striving to make things as simple as possible - whether that's for the end user or for another developer on my team. Or me, six months down the road. Clever solutions aren't necessarily cool.
  • Sometimes, it takes a lot of thought to make something simple.
  • Rigorous, automatic testing so I have the confidence to make changes.

I've worked for banks, telecoms, government, education, distribution, retail and news media. Some of it has been at the leading edge using the latest tools; some of it has been the rigor of maintaining a financial system. All of it has taught me a great deal: language skills like Java and Ruby; coding skills like testing and transparency; business skills like communication and commitment.

I now work for Team Tito helping to build Tito and Vito.